We are often asked about resources - books, videos, and websites - to learn more about various mental health conditions, approaches to parenting, and other psychological concepts. Below is an ever growing pool of materials where you can expand your understanding and awareness. When applicable, we even provide you with a link that will take you directly to the book on Amazon so that you can begin your  studies as soon as you can. 


Mental Health

Substance abuse is a major issue, especially among those with emotional and psychological problems. Below are a few resources that can be helpful for those who are struggling with substance abuse issues, as well as those who are affected by family members with substance abuse issues.

Parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities we voluntarily assume. Influenced - positively or negatively - by our own experiences as children, we hope to raise children who are happy, healthy, competent, and successful. There are thousands of parenting books available on the market. Whether you are looking for specific parenting strategies, anticipatory guidance, or alternative perspectives to parenting woes, a simple search will result in an overwhelming list of options. Below are some of the most popular books currently available, as well as some of our personal favorites. If you would like to learn more about any particular title, just click on the image and learn more on Amazon.com. 


Here is a Teen Drug Abuse Statistics and Fact sheet from The Recovery Village


Substance Abuse